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NHS policies and guidelines


Please click on any of the following links to understand and learn more about NHS policies regarding engaging schools.



Student Engagement, Safety and Bullying Guidelines

Effective Schools are Engaging Schools (Click here for pdf file)

Building Respectful and Safe Schools (Click here for pdf file)


NHS engagement and wellbeing policy

The Student Wellbeing and Engagement Policy can be accessed here 


Parenting tips by Michael Grose

Michael Grose is a well known writer and speaker on parenting. Click here to go to his website Parentingideas.

Northcote High School is a subscriber member of Parentingideas and is delighted to present some of Michael's commentaries on parenting issues for our community's use. The commentaries are Michael's comments and opinions, not school policies.


Insights: What Bullying isn't

Insights: Helping kids with homework

Insights: Raising Mighty Boys

Insights: Facing Facebook

Insights: Loose the Bigest Loser

Insights: Teen Drinking Never Safe

Insights: Helping Kids Manage Anger