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2017 Results: A Snapshot

In 2017 we achieved an excellent set of outcomes that continue to reflect a consistent positive trend over the past 8 years. The results of the 2017 cohort are an indication of their own and their teachers' effort, strong working relationships and committment to growth over their time at Northcote High School. 


The two highest ATARs (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) achieved were 99.70.


48 students (18.3%) earned an ATAR of 90 or above – with 18 students achieving 95+

98 students (37.5%) earned an ATAR over 80

144 students (55.2%) earned an ATAR of 70 or above. This places them in the top 30% of results in Australia.


The number of students achieving 80+ is consistently above 35%.


Beyond the 90+ students’ excellent results the group compares well with the average performance over the last decade. Further highlights include:

  • Median ATAR score: 72.7
  • Mean ATAR score: 69.8
  • Two (2) perfect Study Scores of 50 in Australian History and Global Politics


We look forward to sharing the destinations of our 2017 cohort. See below for an indication of the variety of pathways Northcote High School students undertake.


Destinations of NHS students 2016 -  Tertiary Offers 

25.5% RMIT University

23.5% University of Melbourne

27% La Trobe University

6% Monash University

3% Swinburne University

4% Victoria University

11% Other


2016 Course Types for NHS students

15% General Science

13% General Arts

10% Business

6% Nursing

5% Health Sciences

5% Biomed

4% Accounting & Commerce

3% Engineering

4% Sport/Out Ed

5% IT & Computing

5% Architecture/Building/Int Des

3% Design/ Creative Arts

3% Law/Justice

3% International Studies

17% Other

PDF icon Destinations of the 2016 cohort1.01 MB