Nothcote High School

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NHS Writers' Festival and Literary Talkfest

Celebrating literature

Each year, Northcote High School hosts a number of community events celebrating literature and the Arts. Two of these are the Writers' Festival and the Literary Talkfest.


Northcote High School Writers' Festival

In August 2017 Northcote hosted its third Writers' Festival. This featured in-house events during the week for students, plus the following community events, open to all.  Our students, staff and community enjoyed a Poetry Slam competition hosted by MC Mantra, plus forums and workshops with published authors Will Kostakis, Lili Wilkinson, Simmone Howell, Michael Pryor, Archie Fusillo.


Literary Talkfest

The Literary Talkfest is supported by the Stella Prize Organisation and is held around May. It features engaging and challenging discussions on a different theme each year with outstanding Australian authors.



Below - the 2017 Literary Talkfest held in early May. Special thanks to parent Clare Wright who fostered and hosted the event, and to our wonderful guests - Clementine Ford, Maxine Beneba-Clarke, Abdi Aben and Jeff Sparrow - who spoke on the topic of 'Writing Freedom'.