Nothcote High School

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General introduction

How to enrol

Over the last few years, Northcote High School has experienced unprecedented demand for places. To understand how enrolment operates, please follow the links on the side to find the enrolment context that suits your child's situation. Please contact the school if you require further information.


Click here for the Northcote High School Enrolment Policy.

Note that living permanently in proximity to the school, as measured in a straight line from door to door, is the only guarantee of entry. To confirm enrolment, all families new to the school will need to provide evidence of permanent residence - such as a rental agreement made through a reputable real estate agent. Please be aware that if you present documents claiming residence at a particular address, the school will conduct checks and may visit that address to confirm this.



Is NHS my closest school?

Note 1: This map may not give you a clear indication of proximity to NHS if you live on the marked boundaries. Please contact the school for advice if that is the case. The recommended tool for determining closest local school is

Note 2: Third party and commercial providers may make claims to be in the NHS catchment area, including automated real estate sites. These may not be accurate and families are advised to check with the school before purchasing or renting a property.