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What science means at Northcote High School

A proud tradition of exemplary science learning

Northcote High School has continued to deliver a productive and evolving  Science program since becoming a Science and Technology Centre in 1996. This is exemplified by our initiation and participation in the following science initiatives:


  • University of Melbourne Astrophysics Group (2012+)
  • Participation in SIS program (2001–2003).
  • Participation in the In2Science Peer Mentoring Program (2004+).
  • Hosting the EnviroScience Expo in 2006.
  • “Bringing Science to the Community” – new program (2007+).
  • Year 11 Chemistry –Extension program Bio21 Institute (2007+)
  • Participation (one of four schools in Victoria) in the Tall Poppy program (2007+)
  • Melbourne Water Yarra River Youth Conference (2007)
  • Pharmaceutical Challenge Monash University (2007+)
  • ATSE STELR project (2008+)
  • Siemens Science experience (2008+)
  • National Youth Science Forum-Canberra (2008+)
  • Science Communicators in School (2008+)
  • Young Science Ambassadors program (2008+)
  • International Science School (ISS) (2009+)


A major emphasis in the classroom has been to introduce students to cutting edge teaching methodology. Students engage in the various sciences through investigation and exploration with  emphasis on meaningful practical activities. All students are given the opportunity to excel  through assessing in diverse ways, which includes inquiry-based projects, modelling and extension activities. The delivery of science is continually supported by the use of ICT in various forms including, data logging and multimedia utilising virtual collaboration spaces to support students’ learning.


During 2009 the development of new science electives for Year 10 focused on new cutting-edge sciences and best preparing our students for VCE by increasing flexibility and opening pathways. The following units have since been successfully implemented: Moving and Reacting, Engineering the Future, Mind Body and Crime and Environmental Engineering. Students electing science at senior levels is ever increasing with large numbers in Year 10 and VCE. 


Through Northcote High School’s involvement in varying and diverse projects along with the development of VELS,  the Years  7 to 10 curriculums has been substantially enhanced and offers multidisciplinary aspects with a view to broadening students’ skills. In addition, students are exposed to various community projects working with leading scientists, international guests and staff gaining firsthand experiences including a trip to CERN and the LHC. The development of partnerships with the University of Melbourne, La Trobe University and the ATSE STELR project means that all students see applications of science beyond the classroom and have the opportunity to work on projects within the universities. The opportunity for Years 7 to 10 students to work with young scientists through the Peer Mentor program has continued to be rewarding and enlightening.


The Science faculty is once again reviewing its curriculum to align with the National Curriculum and provide exciting opportunities for students to apply Science beyond the classroom, moving away from textbooks through developing curriculum by subject specialists and embracing 1:1 computing.


Our VCE curriculum offers the following subjects in Units 1-4: Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Psychology. Students can also participate in the extension and enrichment programs.