Nothcote High School

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Student leadership

At Northcote High School, students’ voices are respected and actively sought in our decision-making processes. 

Student leadership and voice is a priority for Northcote High. Our student leaders engage with their peers, the school and broader community through a wide range of opportunties and events. From the vibrant Rainbow Day and International Women's Day celebrations, Sports, Music and Drama events, campaigns to assist homeless and indigenous communities or to raise awareness of social and environmental issues and the Philanthropic Projects at each level, students' energy, leadership and activism is central. Our student leaders participate in regular Captains' Conferences, represent the school at events both internal and external and provide input on school issues affecting them - for example, reviews of uniform, curriculum, facilities and classroom climate. In addition to this, a number of students participate in programs such as the Victorian Young Leaders to China, Future Leaders, Youth for Causes and the School of Student Leadership (Alpine School).  


Leadership does not require 'a badge'. However, at each year level there are opportutnities for students to take on a range of formal leadership positions. These include Year Level and Program Captains, Class Leaders and Peer Support Leaders.  All students are encouraged to apply for these positions and selection is centred around how their actions as a leader embody the school values of Achievement, Curiosity, Humanity and Fairness.  



Captains for 2018

Year 7 Captains

Kitty Foley & Joon Cashmere


Year 8 Captains

Magnus Mulhall & Sophie Hargreaves


Year 9 Captains

Elspeth Pinnuck & Charli Doyle


Year 10 Captains

Rosie Thyer & Dimitirios Syrbopoulos


Year 11 Captains

Mary Le & Alexei Petroulias Romios

Emily Lane & Ngoc Diep (Jane) Nguyen (Vice Captains)


Year 12 Captains

Mollie McKenzie & Violet Tolhurst


Year 12 Leadership Group

In order to recognise the leadership capacity and enthusiasm at Year 12, and to support the workload of the final year, this group will work together to lead the Year 12s throughout 2018. 


Patrick Greene; Eva Jordens; Violet Tolhurst; Nell Morris-Dalton; Xue Yue Chen; Milla Kruse; Esther Bentley; Freya Viney; Issa Chanzi; Mollie McKenzie; Gabriel Duke


Junior Sport & House Captains

Til Exton; Grace Young; Mia Otswald; Claudia Hetherington; Nick Pappas; Connor Lester; Matteo Rossi-Hunt; Finn Andrew-Fraser


Senior Sport Captains

Taysen Wilcox & Alana Namor


Junior Music Captains

Will Leslie & Kitty Robinson


Senior Music Captains

Evie Deasey; Roy Kermode; Ava Leach-Absalom


Peer Support Captains

Luke Williams & Maia Pierce


International program Leadership Group

Vandy  KUY  (Vandy);  Duc Binh VU (Brian); Haeyun EOM (Haeyun); Jiayi LIANG (Christen); Quan HUYNH (Quan); An DO (An)