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Northcote High School takes its responsibilities to guide students and parents in matters of cybersafety very seriously.


In 2012, the school hosted the Federal ACMA authority and made a film called Tagged specifically about school-aged children and cybersafety on the campus (right). In 2013, the school hosted the making of several short advertisments for ACMA: Not Quite Right, Alarmed and Cyberslap



In April 2016, the school again hosted ACMA's Office of Children's esafety Commissioner (click follow link to stories), to make eight short cybersafety commercials for use online. The eight short films are being released 1 a month from December 2016. The short stories appear under the title "Rewrite Your Story"


Below - Filming "Rewrite your story" at NHS






Some helpful advice

Research shows that one in five Australian children aged 8 to 17 has been the target of cyberbullying in the past year (2016 stats). That is an alarming statistic and it should concern all Australians, not just those who have children or work with them. The Federal Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner's (click follow link) provide a range of support resources for parents and children.


What you can do if you are a victim of cyberbulling or similar on-line crime:

1. Talk to someone you trust straight away—like a parent, sibling, uncle/aunt, teacher or friend, or contact Kids Helpline (click follow link)

2. Don’t retaliate or respond—they might use it against you

3. Block the bully and change your privacy settings

4. Report the abuse to the service and get others to as well

5. Collect the evidence—keep mobile phone messages, take screen shots and print emails or social networking conversations

6. Do something you enjoy—catch-up with friends, listen to good music, watch a good show or chat online to people you can trust

7. Remember you didn’t ask for this—nobody deserves to be bullied and you will get through this.


The Federal Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner (click follow link) can help you make a complaint, find someone to talk to and provide advice and strategies for dealing with these issues. They can sometimes track down "anonymous" cyberbullies.


Social Media sites will usually take down hate pages or block users if you report it. However, as the most popular social media are based in the USA, there is often a delay in their response. 


The Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner has a 24 hour 7 day a week number for help and advice - 1800 55 1800


Click here to watch TAGGED online


Click here to watch NOT QUITE RIGHT online


Click here to watch ALARMED online







Guidelines for maximising social media privacy settings


Useful Links

ACMA Federal Government Site (Teenagers)

ACMA Federal Government Site (For Parents)

ACCC Federal Government (Scam watch)