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Enrolment Grade 6 for Year 7

Enrolment at Northcote High School

 Year 7 for 2019

The 2019 Year 7 Enrolment Policy

Thank you for taking the time to consider Northcote High School as a secondary school option for your child entering Year 7 in 2019.


Please read the following information carefully. Northcote High School is committed to providing a clear and transparent Enrolment Policy. Every effort is made to consider all requests for enrolments at Northcote High School.


Northcote High School is a highly regarded school and as such is in high demand. The only guarantee for enrolment is demonstrating, to the school's satisfaction, evidence of living within the school's designated neighbourhood boundary. In light of the school's commitment to fairness as one of its four core values, and to ensure community confidence in the integrity of the process, the school actively assesses and monitors all aspects of applications.

For further information please also see;


For information and applications for our Advanced Curriculum Extension (ACE) program for Year 7 2019, please click here.


Year 6 to Year 7 Enrolment Timeline for 2019

For students attending Government Primary Schools

Students attending Year 6 in a government primary school are provided with a transition package in April by their current Primary schools. Once the Application for Year 7 Placement Form is completed, parents return this to the primary school who will then forward it on to the secondary school listed as the first preference.


For students attending Catholic and Independent Primary Schools

Parents of students attending Catholic and Independent primary schools in Year 6 should download a Year 7 2019 Enrolment Inquiry Form which will be available in April 2018. This form needs to be submitted by 4pm, 11 May 2018. Parents may email or post the completed Year 7 2019 Enrolment Inquiry Form directly to the Enrolments Officer, Northcote High School, St George’s Rd, Northcote, 3070.


Once Northcote High School receives the Application for Year 7 Placement Form, students are enrolled in the priority order listed below, which mirrors the Department of Education Placement Policy.


The Placement Process

Students applying for placement at Northcote High School are enrolled in the following priority order, as per Department of Education guidelines:

1. Students for whom the school is the designated neighbourhood government school.

2. Students with a sibling at the same permanent residence who are attending the school at the same time.

3. Where the regional director has restricted the enrolment, students who reside nearest the school (not applicable to Northcote High School)

4. Students seeking enrolment on specific curriculum grounds.

Note: Due to possible heavy local and sibling enrolment demand, it is essential to give close attention to selecting a second and third choice of school, if this criteria applies.

5. All other students in order of closeness of their home to Northcote High School.

6. In exceptional circumstances, compassionate grounds.


Families applying under priority order item 1

(Students for whom the school is the designated (closest) neighbourhood government school).

All parents applying under this item in the priority order, will be asked to demonstrate permanent residency in the neighbourhood area.
The following documents can be used to establish permanent residence:

100 Points of Identification:

70 points (Choose 1)

  • * Property lease / rental agreement in the parent name
  • * A council rate notice in the parent name

30 points (Choose 1)

  • * Australian driver’s licence or learners permit (current) in the parent name
  • * Centrelink or social security card (current) in the parent name
  • * Department of veterans affairs card in the parent name
  • * A Gas or Electricity bill in the parent name
  • * Motor vehicle registration / insurance in the parent name
  • * Property insurance papers in the parent name

Please also note the following:

  • * It is the responsibility of the family to provide satisfactory evidence to the school.
  • * Only one nuclear family per residential address will be enrolled.
  • * An enrolling student is expected to live with his/her parents. Staying with a relative or friend does not qualify as permanent residence unless supported by the relevant papers endorsed by the Family Court of Australia.

If you are unable to provide this information for any reason please contact the Enrolments Officer at Northcote High School.

One of the school's four core values is 'fairness'. To be fair to our community in an environment where enrolment places are highly valued and sought after, the requirement of permanent residency in the neighbourhood area is actively monitored.


Students seeking enrolment on specific curriculum grounds

Families seeking admission for students on specific curriculum grounds will need to complete a Curriculum Grounds Application form and submit this with the Application for Year 7 Placement, via the primary school or directly to NHS.


‘Curriculum grounds’ means that the application must demonstrate what specific program at Northcote High School is not available at a neighbouring school, and why this is vital for the educational needs of the student. The downloadable form is designed to help step families through the application process.


Privacy Notice. Northcote High School needs to collect your personal information to establish that you reside within the school’s neighbourhood area. Your information will not be disclosed to any other organisation without your consent, or unless authorised or required by law. Copies of any documents you provide to establish your permanent residence are not retained. If you choose not to provide some or all of the information asked for, we may not be able to enrol your child at Northcote High School.

School Tours and Open Morning 

  • Open Morning is held around April each year. This is a chance to see the school in action, to experience a student-led tour and to speak with some of our staff and students. Details of the morning will be advertised on the website and in local media in the months before the event.


  • Regular school tours for prospective parents whose children are still in primary school run during Terms 1, 2 and 4. Bookings are essential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is NHS my closest school?


Note 1: This map may not give you a clear indication of proximity to NHS if you live on the marked boundaries. Please contact the school for advice if that is the case. Proximity to school is checked using the tool

Note 2: Third party and commercial providers may make claims to be in the NHS catchment area, including automated real estate sites. These may not be accurate and families are advised to check with the school before purchasing or renting a property. 


My child isn't yet in Grade 6 but I would like to enrol her at Northcote High School.

Enrolments for Year 7 only take place when a child is in Grade 6. This policy applies to all government secondary schools, statewide.


What is the enrolment timeline for Year 7, 2019?

16 April 2018 (appx) : A Transition pack, including the Application for Yr 7 Placement forms, (also known as Transition forms) will be distributed by primary schools to families. If you have not received one, contact the office of the North-West Region of DET on 9488 9488.

11 May, 2018 : Parents of students in Government Schools return the completed Application for Yr 7 Placement form to the primary schools. The completed forms will then be passed on to secondary schools, like Northcote High School, for processing in accordance with DET guidelines. 

Parents of students in Catholic and Independent Schools should return the NHS Year 7 2019 Application for Enrolment form directly to Northcote High School by this date.

By the end of July,  Application for Enrolment forms had been processed by NHS and other schools. In accordance with DET guidelines, primary schools will be notified of this.

08 August, 2018: Primary schools will advise parents and guardians of the success of the application. 

Early September 2018: The first of  several mailouts from Northcote High School will arrive. To confirm enrolment, all families new to the school may need to provide evidence of permanent residence, such as a residential rental agreement.


Changes to Custody arrangements

Occasionally families apply for Northcote High School because child custody arrangements have changed. Where this has happened, or where a child does not live with his/her parents, families are asked to provide documents verifying the new living arrangements for a child. This may be a revised Parenting Plan, documenting new guardianship arrangements, or relevant Family Court orders. 


Do I have the right to appeal regarding my Year 7 enrolment outcome?

Unsuccessful parents and guardians may write to ask the Principal of Northcote High School for a review of a decision. This must be done before 17 August 2018. A request for review must be received in writing by the Principal, and can only be considered on the grounds that the selection criteria (above) were not appropriately applied or that the evidence presented was not appropriately considered. The address to write to is; The Principal, Northcote High School, St. George’s Road, Northcote, 3070.


Can I appeal a decision directly to the DET?

Parents or guardians also have a right to appeal this decision in writing to the Regional Director, DET by 7 September 2018. The address to write to is: Regional Director, North-Western Region, Department of Education and Training, Locked Bag 2001, Coburg, 3058. Telephone: 9488 9488.


How do I apply for the Advanced Curriculum Extension (ACE) program?

The select entry Advanced Curriculum Extension (ACE) Program caters for highly able students. For entry in 2019, all students are welcome to sit for entry to the program, whether their families are already part of the school community or not.  (Click here for further information on the program) Please note that standard enrolment processes and criteria apply to ACE applicants.


My child comes under the category of International Student. How can I enrol?

International (fee paying students) are not accepted at Northcote HS for Yrs 7,8 and 9. You may apply for a place in the school in the later part of Year 10.
Follow this link for more information.


What other government schools are in this part of Melbourne?

These schools share enrolment area boundaries with Northcote High School.