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Community message from Sue Harrap, Principal

Thu, 10/05/2018 - 12:10 -- Ciar Foster

A Community Message from Sue Harrap, Principal


You may have seen some media coverage of an upsetting incident which took place near our school. This behaviour is totally unacceptable and does not reflect the values of our school. I’d like to reassure you that I have been in constant contact with the Principal of the school attended by the young man who was attacked, to offer our sympathy and support to the young man and his family and to check on his wellbeing. We know how rare this sort of incident is in our community. We know that the mistakes of a few do not define us. We are a positive, supportive and overwhelmingly accepting community. This incident does not define Northcote. Be assured that the young people with weapons were not from Northcote High School, and students from Northcote High who were involved are not currently at school.

At the moment we are dealing with the situation by working with the police on the investigation, working with families and those involved to help them understand the seriousness of the situation, ensuring they receive the appropriate disciplinary action and that they have support. For legal and privacy reasons we are unable to make any further comment at this time.

Our values of humanity and fairness should be at the forefront of our minds at this time, and I am proud to say that I see our students demonstrating these values on a daily basis.

Yours sincerely,
Sue Harrap