Nothcote High School

Let us follow the better path


Our vision and values

Northcote High School aims to enable and empower students to grow and learn both personally and academically in a culture that promotes positive relationships, values diversity and places them at the very centre of learning experiences.

Our Vision and Values statement was developed by NHS teachers and parents and underpins our school's vision and values. 



When we were choosing a secondary school for daughters we didn’t make our decision based on the ATAR score we thought they could achieve at the end of Year 12. While we obviously wanted our daughters to do well in VCE so that they had options in life, we believe that there is so much more that they, as impressionable adolescents, need during their secondary school years. We wanted a school where relationships came first and where teachers had a passion for their subject and passed that passion on. We wanted their interests and talents nurtured. We wanted them to have opportunities to be involved in exciting and challenging activities outside of the classroom. And we wanted them to learn and grow in an environment that valued personal responsibility, individuality, acceptance, tolerance, inclusiveness, a sense of fun and adventure and the value of hard work. Northcote High has met our expectations in every way. Our daughters are privileged to have had such a wonderful education. NHS school parent.