Nothcote High School

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School contacts

Northcote High School

Phone: 03 9488 2300

Address: Northcote High School, 19-25 St. George's Rd, Northcote, 3070.

General school email

All Email enquiries:

In the subject line, please name the teacher you would like the short message sent to.

Staff email

Individual staff members can be emailed via the COMPASS portal. 


Heads of school and Year level Program Coordinators 2018

Head of Junior School - Audra Keane

Year 7  Program Leaders

Georgia Townley & Zachary Holden


Year 8 Program Leaders

Alana Smith & Sophia Griffith


Head of Middle School - Josh McDonald

Yr 9 Program Leaders

Sarah Blanchard & Luke Barrett

Yr 10 Program Leaders 

Steven Flight & Meredith Gollan


Head of Senior School -  Sarah Green

Year 11 Program Leaders 

Carolyn Richards & Ben Orphin


Year 12 Program Leaders

Diana Corkery & Scott Macdonald


Student Wellbeing Office

Student Wellbeing Coordinators:
Cathy Lester, Paul Giddy & Kirby Mackrill  - 9488 2321




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