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ELearning@ NHS

Each learner at Northcote High School has access to a portable, networked digital device, such as a notebook, macbook or tablet that connects each learner with their teacher and other learners or experts, multimedia resources, software for learning and online tools and applications.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is delivered to students across all their subjects.  Through the use of a range of software, students develop an understanding of how these can be applied to various activities undertaken in and beyond the classroom.



Typically students will explore the use of Word, Pages, PowerPoint/Keynote, Publisher, Excel, Adobe elements suite, Moviemaker and other subject specific software (Photoshop and Flash for example). Students in years 7-9 will engage with a number of iPad/tablet applications that enhance the learning experience and allow them to create and communicate. Students have access to all school licensed and government provided software.



The school has a robust network that is supported by a full-time network manager and technical support team. Students also have access to a reliable filtered internet service. 



All students at NHS must have a 1:1 device. In 2018, students in Year 7 are required to bring a touchscreen notebook specified by the school. This device will be available for purchase through an online portal: details will be provided for all enrolling students. Students in Year 8 2018 should retain the iPad they purchased in Year 7. Students in Years 9-12 may chose the device they bring in accordance with the minimum specifications set out by the school. Click here for the NHS Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Requirements. For all students the device will be family owned. Some support will be provided by the IT team at school, but any damage, viruses, technical or insurance issues will be managed at home.


Click here for the BYOD Purchasing Portal. Enter school code NHS3070.

Click here for the presentation slides from the 2017 BYOD Parent Information Evening for Year 7s (held November 15)


Our 1:1 Program provides students the opportunity to be effective digital learners who will become confident, creative and productive in a digital world. Students will use their devices in class and at home to support their learning. We believe that giving students immediate access to technology in a one to one program will help engage them in the learning process in new and creative ways and become increasing skilled at using technology to access and present information, to problem solve and work collaboratively.


Students also have access to a number of desktop computers located around the school that have been set up to enhance specific subject areas, including multiple iMac suites to assist with digital design and media subjects.



Online Communications Environments

Northcote High School has two major portals that are used to communicate information to students and families:


  • Compass
  • Compass is a portal that allows families to stay informed about what their child is involved in at the school. Through Compass parents and students can pay for excursions, approve attendance at school events, book parent teacher interview times, stay up to date with important school news through a “newsfeed”, email teachers and see the student’s timetable.
  • myNorthcoteHigh
  • myNorthcoteHigh is a Learning Management System that allows students to interact with teachers, peers and resources to enhance their learning. Students can gain access to work, digital resources (videos, quizzes, web-links) and assessment tasks that are specific to each of their subjects. Students and families also have access to a calendar that shows upcoming due work and school events that they are connected to. Most importantly myNorthcoteHigh is the portal where students and families receive feedback on assessment tasks.