Nothcote High School

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John Cain Library

The Northcote High School library, named after former student and Premier John Cain, plays a vital role in supporting a collaborative learning environment which encourages respect for individual differences, tolerance for differing opinions and points of view and fosters and enriches the learning and charter goals of the School.


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The library actively promotes a culture of reading to our students by providing a wide range of recreational reading material. Students are supported and encouraged to become independent learners and are empowered to investigate, explore and question in order to nurture thinking, problem solving and meaningful learning.


The library provides access to a wide range of information in both digital and print formats. Resources support the curriculum and the wider reading interests of students.


Excellent websites


Improve your research, essay writing and study skills, explore Victoria's history, and access over 700 original primary sources you can use in your assignments.

Good Reads :

This site contains many reviews of books for all ages and  readers can  submit their own reviews.


Darebin Libraries

Wide range of books and reliable, current information online. We subscribe to quality information databases so you can browse, learn and explore from the comfort of your own home by simply entering your membership number.


Inside a dog :

This is the State Library of Victoria’s web site for young adults and adolescents.


Library hours

  • 8.15 am – 3.30pm   Monday
  • 8.15am – 4pm   Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
  • All class times
  • Recess every day
  • Lunch every day